Wellington Farm Bed and Breakfast, Near Honiton

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‘Where’s My Dinner?’ – Saddleback x and Oxford Sandy & Black weaner pigs.

Just a few comments from some of our lovely guests;

“Your staircase is wider than some of the roads in Devon” Australian.

“How can you tell when it is Summer in England? The rain is a little warmer” German

We asked would you like brown or white toast? Answer “well I would like it a little brown” German

A gentleman came into our Tearoom and ordered his food in French – when it was time to settle the bill he asked ‘how much’ in German. Being clever, I asked what language he would like the price in. Afetr a short pause, he replied “Martian”…………………it was very funny – English

A lovely German couple came to stay shortly after the ‘Brexit’ vote and the gentleman wanted to discuss why we wanted to leave. I said that we didn’t discuss politics, but he carried on. His wife said “what did Gary just tell you?”. Having been chastised he paused and said “OK, we talk about the Football”.

and finally (for now) a guest was telling us about an unfortunate incident which caused her friend to have a severe wound to his head. I later banged my head and was complaining about the pain, when she said “at least you haven’t got a hole in your head” – I replied “I have actually” she said “oh! I’m sorry…I didn’t know” and I said “yes, it’s where the words come out!”. Much laughter…. English